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Attentive Caregivers Providing Comprehensive Elderly Care Services

Caregiver Giving Elderly Care

Count on the proficient caregivers of La Costa Heights Assisted Living in Carlsbad, California, to expertly provide for your loved ones' needs. We offer 24-hour boarding and care for seniors in the age of 65 years and over. Moreover, we provide continuous supervision to monitor the residents' well-being. Our team notifies their families, physicians, and other involved parties about the observed changes in terms of the following functions:

• Emotional

• Mental • Physical • Social

Wonderful Facility

Like our sister facility, La Costa Heights Living Care, we have the capacity of up to six residents. Please take note that we are not a medical facility; however, we tend to the needs of residents with the following conditions:


High Blood Sugar HyperTension Incontinence
Congestive Heart Failure Chronic Renal Failure Selfcare deficit Chronic Pain

Activity Program and Assistance Services
At La Costa Heights Assisted Living, we take care of all your senior relatives' personal and basic needs. We have fun planned activity programs, which allow residents to utilize available community resources. Additionally, we provide three meals per day and snacks in between, as well as the following essential services:

Basic Services:

• Showering

• Grooming • Bathing • Bed-to-Chair Transfer


Personal Services:

• Bedside Care or Prayer Services for Slightly
  and Temporarily Ill or Recovering Residents
• Daily Room Cleaning Services, including Bed
  Linen Changing and Washing
• Laundry Services

• Meal Preparation, including Physician-Prescribed Diet
• Personal Property Maintenance and Supervision
• Prescribed and Over-the-Counter Medication Supervision,
  per Physician Instruction and Law or Regulation
• Transportation Arrangements for Doctor or Dentist Appointments

Here, we provide care for up to three hospice waivers, and accept private payments exclusively. We do not deal with insurance or social security.

Room Costs
Room pricing varies depending on the type of care that your loved one needs. Private room prices starts at $4,000 while shared or double rooms start at $3,500.

Contact our respectful caregivers in Carlsbad, California, to get more details on our all-encompassing elderly care services.